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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brock Lesnar's Workout - Perfect Example of Functional Training

See the video of one of Brock Lesnar's workouts. Lesnar is the current top heavyweight of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the most popular mixed martial arts organization in the U.S. He won the NCAA heavyweight wrestling championship in 2000 and later became a professional (choreographed) wrestler. When he joined the UFC, he became a dominant force. Watch this highlight video to see his speed and power.

Lesnar's workout is a prime example of functional training. No doubt weight-lifting and running are essential for a base level of fitness. However, to really excel in a sport or other physically demanding activity, one has to train in ways that simulate the activity to be improved. Lesnar's routine is based on 5-minute rounds as are UFC fights. His exercises are mostly whole-body, multi-directional, asymmetrical, and highly taxing to the lactic-acid energy system. No doubt Lesnar does a lot of conventional weight-liting. However, his lesson to us is that, in order to excel in a sport or other physical activity, training must be supplemented by routines that simulate the target activity as to which muscles and energy systems are used and the way they are used.

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